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Going on vacation can be stressful. Why ? Because you leave your home and all your precious belongings with it.

So you try to hide them, in places (you think) a thief would never search. But there is a more simple solution.

With Groupama's telesurveillance, you can go without worrying.



Film director — Samir Mallal

Director of photography —Piers McGrail

Production — Grand Bazar

Producer — Youri Guerassimov

Creative Directors — Youri Guerassimov, Gaëtan du Peloux
Managing Director — Sebastien Jauffret
Assistants — Salomé Becquard, Claire Bouzigues, , Lisa Videa

TV producer — Corentin Harran

Production director — Renaud Jaget

Film production coordinator — Manon Guay

Stylist —Sonia Philouze

Head decorator —Baptiste Gleymann

Fitter — Yann Malcor

Fitter agent — DEARCUT

Calibrator — Jean-Clément Soret

Post production — Prodigious

Post producer — Céline Genty

Post producer director — Frédéric Lubin

Musique — Rolling Stones, She's a Rainbow

Music producer — Emmanuel Desmadryl

by Groupama, 2021

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