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Final year project - 2022


Skyrock is known as the urban music radio station. Since its creation in 1986, the radio has always done a lot for the youth (first media to broadcast rap music in 1996, the first that invested the web with Skyblogs in 2002...)  

But for the past ten years, Skyrock has gone through many difficulties. Some other big competitors have emerged on all fronts and the average age of its listeners is still increasing. Moreover, its image has not changed over the years. Industrial, kitsch and masculine, it evokes the “urban” spirit of the 2000s.


The risk is big for Skyrock to definitively loose its link with the young generation. 

How to find a place for Skyrock among young people ? 

And above all, how to ensure its place in the world of tomorrow ? 


Skyrock has always dared to go where it could meet the expectations of the youth. Today, the media must dare again. Innovate.

That's why Skyrock created SKY, the first youth-ruled cryptocurrency. A powerful instrument which enables the youth to imagine what will happen next,

to take control of its future, to be an actor of tomorrow.  


The campaign comes in a spot, displays and a music track. So many supports that create a call-to-action toward the app and encourage its downloading. 

The aim of the campaign is to highlight the youth, to recreate a new community in which its members aren’t afraid to be the best version of themselves.

In addition, this aspirational campaign will suggest the public that something big is going to happen on 24th June at midnight. 

Which leads us to the second step…

Capture d’écran 2022-09-15 à 21.43.36.png


The activation is one of the most important steps. It consists in introducing the SKY Token to the public by creating an event they will not forget. 

Thanks to this event called “Viser la thune”, Skyrock will arouse its early adopters' curiosity. 



In order to give young people a real opportunity to assert themselves, Skyrock puts its power at the service of its community by creating "La Suite". The brand become a showcase for projects that have emerged thanks to SKY,

and this is taking shape both on Instagram and on existing Skyrock channels (radio, web, app, etc.)

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