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Ça fait du bien de sauver le monde 
by L'Arrondi solidaire, 2021

L'Arrondi Solidaire offers the possibility for everyone to make a micro-donation of a few cents by doing nothing more than their everyday life actions. In a way, we can all become heroes... And it doesn't prevent us from being ourselves.

Plan de travail 1.jpg

Drunk, but drunk in kindness

Plan de travail 3 copie.jpg

Appetite comes with giving

Plan de travail 1 copie.jpg

Give it all, and not just during the Marseillaise (French anthem)

Plan de travail 2 copie.jpg

Not every hero wears a costume  

Plan de travail 3 copie 2.jpg

Always caring, and not only for her skin

Being pretty never felt so good.

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